First of all I have uploaded som images from Dune Farer so check out the page if you want a good look at the game.

Secondly my small, “experimental” game about thoughts in an elevator is more or less done. There is, as always, much to improve but I am nontheless happy with how it turned out. I’ll put it up for download soon.

And then I have some small game concepts starting to evolve in my brain (sounds like a parasite, I know). For one of the games I got inspiration from BioWare’s Dragon Age and more specifically the party camp. I want to make a game about hanging out in a camp with your party members. Nothing else. No monsters to slay, no kings to save and no evil to vanquish. Only you, your friends and a warm, glowing fire.

Gameplay, you ask? Does games have to have a gameplay, I reply?

My second idea is even more abstract. I don’t really grasp it myself but it is about choices and poetry. And doesn’t that sound like a perfect combination?

Hopefully it will become more than an idea but you really never know.

Edit: I also added a small self portait to my About page. The picture is perhaps not that accurate but at least I drew it.

March 23, 2010

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