I have always found the ordinary interesting; a family eating dinner, a parent singing for a child, an elevator ride to work or someone going to sleep.

Perhaps I find it interesting because it is possible to relate to, perhaps because it often deals with people.

The portrayal of this – of the ordinary – is something I truly miss when looking at the game medium. Sometimes people will say things like “no one wants to play an ordinary person going to work and doing some ordinary stuff”. And so that person explains why we like dragons, secret societies, spies and dinosaurs.

Don’t get me the wrong way – I can be a true escapist and really enjoy all of the above. I like going to Pandora and I like going to Jurassic Park.


We must not forget the stories of the ordinary – for they too can be truly inspiring. I think that we must dare – dare to make games about the ordinary. Call of Duty will probably sell more copies than your game about an old man going to sleep – on the other hand will your little game do more for the medium than Call of Duty ever will (unless the next CoD is about preparing for the service in the army; eating the last dinner before you leave home, getting your stuff together, saying goodbye and so on).

So, please, try not to forget about the ordinary – for it can actually be very interesting.

And! I’ve been working on a short game about waiting for the bus. It’s almost done and will hopefully be up soon.

April 28, 2010

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