This is one of my favourite pop art pictures. It’s made by Felix Bennet ( and it clearly resembles the visual style of Roy Lichtenstein.

I always find this picture so funny beacuse what really hurts the man is the allegation the he does not understand Wittgenstein.

It’s one thing that he doesn’t understand her but when it comes to Wittgenstein – that is taking it too far! Just look at him!

It’s even more funny if you have actually tried to read Wittgenstein and pretend to yourself that you understand him. Beacause you don’t. Not really.

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November 13, 2010


Perhaps I understand fragments of Wittgenstein. Not sure yet – think I’ll need to re-read and think. It’s been a while since I travelled in Wittgenstein-land.

I guess I can understand how blues makes more sense. I need to listen more to it. Then I’ll get back to you.

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