I finally took the time to watch this classic surrealist film by Luis Bunuel (in conjunction with Salvador Dali). I was quite surprised when I realized that the movie is not more than 16 minutes long – the length felt quite appropriate though as the strange scenes blend together without any clear narrative (naturally!). The movie is based around two main characters and is made up of several dreamesque scenes that follow on each other on the basis of association. Several different themes can be seen throughout the film (lust and sexuality, the complex phenomena of relationships, etc.). At the same time the surrealist feel and the disconnected style of the film makes it quite hard to really “get” the film. In the end that is also how I believe the film should be viewed, you can interpret it all you want but in the end it is a dream moved to the screen. Bunuel himself said the following about symbolism in the movie: “Nothing, in the film, symbolizes anything. The only method of investigation of the symbols would be, perhaps, psychoanalysis.” This is an experience that should be viewed and enjoyed without worrying too much about “understanding it”. And in the end, isn’t that how all experiences should be viewed: the most important thing is to feel them.

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June 21, 2011

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