I began working with Calm again this evening. I’ve added a system in which short sentences are being placed randomly on the screen at various points. Hopefully these can get the associations going – by combining both graphics and text my goal is that these two elements will give strength to each other.

This is a first look at what I’ve done so far:
















I have a lot of work remaining but when I’ve decided on how this new version will work I hope to re-release it on both Google Play and on PC.

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June 5, 2012


An interesting expansion of your game Måns. It will be sure to add immersion to the world. Taking it one step further with sound might be a future step as well?


Jakob Lindh – Game Designer

Thank you! I’m still not sure about the sentences – I’ve got another (quite similar) experience in mind where I think this use of words and graphical elements would work even better. I’ll probably try and add more life to the images instead by including more moving elements. Regarding music I hope to be able to include additional music tracks. It would also be interesting so see if the addition of sound effects would increase the immersion (or if it’s enough with the music). Time will tell.

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