Sjörök is a FPE (first-person experience) centered around exploration, atmosphere and puzzle solving.  It is set in a strange and somewhat uncanny Swedish archipelago and the player must explore the world by navigating the sea and disembark on a number of islands. These islands contain information on what has happened on the islands and give clues as to what has occurred in the world. The narrative is centered around poems and music is an ongoing theme throughout the experience. Our goal with the game was to convey a feeling of loneliness and exploration, somewhat like traversing the barren world of Fallout but in a completely different setting. It was also important for us to try and create an environment that felt Swedish (or at least Nordic) using a combination of setting, architecture and language. That is also the reason why the game, at this moment, is only available in Swedish.

The experience started out as a ten week (student-) project. Later on we took part in and won the Game Concept Challenge along with three other projects. Because of this development continued throughout the summer and the experience was finally released in the end of October. The team behind Sjörök is, beside me, Christofer Levall, Carl-Johan Nyblom, Max Nilsson, Kristoffer Beijer, Jakob Lindh and Tim Lidåker.



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